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What is the Tax Lien Law Group, LLP Difference?
We provide "Litigation Solutions for the Tax Lien Industry"

Unlike most law firms, we focus on only one thing: Tax Lien Litigation.
We are the only multi-jurisdictional tax lien law firm able to concurrently service all of your lien notification and/or litigation in the following tax lien states: Colorado, Indiana, Arizona, Illinois, Iowa, District of Columbia, Maryland, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

Unlike most law firms, we are very selective as to the clients we accept.
The common profile of our corporate and individual clients is that they are savvy, well-organized, no nonsense, municipal tax lien and/or real estate investors. Our clients intimately understand the tax lien litigation process, have high expectations, and demand the best in their legal partners. If you are such a client, our goal is to assist you in building an extensive lien portfolio and to protect your investment by providing efficient and effective legal counsel.

Unlike most law firms, we understand that investment returns are chiefly dependent upon rapid, cost-effective litigation results.
We understand that the longer your tax lien investments stay active and embroiled in costly litigation, the lower your investment returns. We understand that this is a numbers game and that most liens will redeem. Thus, our goal is to obtain an economical resolution on each of your matters as rapidly as possible: Either your lien investment goes to property or it redeems. It’s that simple.

Our firm is pioneering litigation techniques that enable definitive resolution to tax lien litigation, either deed or redemption, in significantly less time than our competitors, thus enabling our clients to achieve higher rates of return on their investment portfolios.

Unlike most law firms, we have a proprietary technological advantage.
We invest a lot of time and resources into the technology utilized by our firm. Our case management software is industry standard and has been custom built and designed to incorporate the statutory and jurisdictional nuances of every state and municipality where we file and litigate cases. We have created a real-time tracking system and client reporting technology that, coupled with our organized and diligent staff, enable us to maintain an attentive focus on all of our clients' legal matters.

Tax Lien Process
We expect all of our clients to understand the tax lien process in their specific jurisdiction. Our clients understand the need to conduct presale acquisition due diligence to ensure they have made savvy lien acquisitions. Having an experienced legal partner in this process is essential to maximizing returns and protecting your investment.


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